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General Business Activities

Songket Wedding is a Bruneian-owned company that was launched in 2010. Since then, it has successfully established itself as Brunei’s first and largest Wedding Community Portal that specializes in event organizing, wedding planning and wedding advertisements through the promotion of local wedding service providers. The company’s objective is to gather local and international companies to work together in the local wedding industry.


Songket Wedding aims to further enrich the local economy through a seemingly marketable industry; the wedding industry. These aims are guided by the following principles;


  • To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers, and;
  • To be the client’s first choice provider of quality, service & value in the industry.


Songket Wedding wasfounded upon service to our customers and committed to building value for our vendors, is a niche events, marketing & communications business. Our cornerstone is knowledge of the market-place and an extensive business network base. From this, we build personal interaction platforms that serve our extensive client base to deliver their messages. Our service offering distinguishes itself on the basis of quality, customer service and value that can be trusted.

Our aim is to grow and enrich the local wedding business industry. At the same time, we would like to provide a singular platform that can create business opportunitites for local and foreign entrepeneurs – subsequently, creating an arena for the healthy and constructive competition needed to grow the industry’s quality. In this way, we are able to strengthen the bond between vendors, not only locally but internationally as well.


  • To support the growth of the local wedding industry through our advertorial services, annual exhibitions and all-year-round event managements.
  • To extend that growth so that it may compete internationally in terms of wedding fashion, decorations, and other services.
  • To promote Brunei and it’s rich culture entrepenerally through international business relations.

Our philosophy demands that we set global standards for interactive communication and outstanding performance in the fields of brand architecture, communication, event management, marketing and publishing.


To date, Songket Wedding remains the sole wedding portal in Brunei working to provide wedding planners, weds-to-be and newlyweds with complete and valuable information needed with regards to wedding planning.

The strategic focus areas comprise of the following;

1 Marketing & Brand Architecture

2 Event & Exhibition Management

3 Reputation Management / Public Relations

4 Publishing Activities

Scope of Work

Songket Wedding Portal is Brunei’s first and largest wedding community portal. The company’s

directory has been designed to cater to the demands of a specified target market – wed-to-bes and newlyweds. The directory delivers the high-quality goods and/or services of our esteemed vendors that is made up of both local and foreign businesses.

The Songket Wedding Portal is displayed on the most accessible electronic media with 10,000 real individuals in our customer database. It is accessibile 24 hours a day and is the go-to-place for wedding services today. The company promotes the recognition of wedding-related goods and/or services offered by our vendors using the Portal. It is our job to improve the quality of the local wedding industry by making the connection between local consumers with our very own Bruneian and international vendors. With over 200 local and international vendors listed in our directory, we can proudly say that our initial efforts to bring light to the local wedding scene have started to reveal their worth.

Although we primarily act as exclusive marketing agents for our vendors, our scope of work is not limited to advertising. In addition to these services, we also provide our vendors with effective assistance with regards to their own company management and marketing. Over the years we have organized and participated in numerous international wedding exhibition, workshops, seminars and the likes. As of today, a large number of our vendors have benefited from them and are currently putting all that they have learned into practice. Songket Wedding also shares with local entrepreneurs the information that we have gained from these international workshops to reinforce and add depth to this knowledge, at the same time exalting the quality of local weddings. We shed light on the biggest international showcases and exhibitions with the intention to raise the standard of the local playing field.